We advocate transparency regarding our business relationship with the industries, and have a disclosure policy as per standard norms. These norms are followed in every nook and corner of our website, as mentioned below:

We present an informative content covering as many brands as possible to guide our readers in the marketplace, be it online or physical stores. This service is absolutely free of cost to our readers with the mission to win their trust while guiding them in choosing the right deals.

The entire process of assimilating facts and figures and running the website involves a lot of cost. We have a team of experts for checking various facts, reviewing deals, and finally writing and editing the content. Our team of software experts is complementing their work by maintaining our website and upgrading the database. To financially support all our work, we have the following avenues of earning money:

  • Referral Fees: We mention links to purchase products through websites, as well as traditional stores. When a product is actually purchased using the link, we receive a referral fee in many cases.
  • Affiliate Links: We have contracts with various E-commerce platforms to use affiliate links. We can earn fees by linking to such online retailers or by putting their advertisements.
  • Discount Coupons/Promo Codes: Many companies offer special discount coupons or promo codes to us. When a buyer redeems these, she/he can save some money and the seller can track our website. In this process we have a possibility to earn revenue.
  • Display Advertisements: We display advertisements of a number of companies, according to contracts with them. However, that does not imply that we are under pressure to show undue favor to such companies. Our objective is to guide the readers and help them choose from a wide range of companies. These are well demarcated as advertisements and do not influence our editorial content. These are very often under third party management, who decide upon the content.
  • Paid Content: Some of the companies reviewed may offer to pay us for incorporating more detailed information. However, that does not influence our product review. It is also mentioned that such facts are provided by the particular company.

Customer feedback on their purchased products and deals certainly helps new readers. We shall help companies to carry out surveys on their customers and incorporate those on the website. However, the feedback of customers will not influence our product reviews in any way. Such reviews are based on research and survey by our editorial team.

We do not accept any payment in cash or kind from advertisers to influence the content. The motto is to present a true picture of the market to the readers. This is our first priority and there is no question of compromising on that front.