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All wines are from grape juice through the fermentation process. In grapes, nature has given perfect chemical balance; thus, it can ferment without adding enzymes, sugar, acids, etc.

Only five basic types of wine exist, and all wines come under their umbrella. The  five  varieties of drinks are:
  • Red Wine: To the name, this type of wine is prepared from red grapes (also known as black grapes). The grape's red skins are left in during fermentation to make its color deeper. These wine varieties are heavier than white wines; due to their skin, tannin content is high. The grapes skins also add flavoring to the wine.
  • White Wine: White wine is from white grapes. White wine is also prepared with red grapes, but generally, it is made with white grapes. The juice is extracted from the skin before the fermentation process; in addition, the liquid does not absorb the skin color, and it has less tannin than red wine.
  • Fortified Wine: In fortified wines, additional alcohol (generally brandy) is added for preservation. The alcohol level (ABV - alcohol by volume) in fortified wines is between 14% to 22%. It is popular as a dessert wine in the United States and Europe; it is called a liqueur. Typically, the ABV of fortified wines is over 20%.
  • RosA Wine: RosA wines are also made from red grapes. In the making, the skins of the red grapes are left in for some time to deepen their color to reddish or pinkish; this type of wine also contains some tannin. Moreover, rose wines are also called blush wines.
  • Sparkling Wine: A lot of carbon dioxide is added to wines to give them a fizzy look. Carbon dioxide is incorporated through the natural fermentation process or by injecting its doses. These are called "sparkling wines.” Champagne is only a variation of it. Sparkling wines are generally white or rose; however, sparkling red wines are also available.
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