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Why organic? Organic farming is a big-picture exercise. It's not only targeted at present results but influences future generations. It makes better economic sense as well. The primary goal is to contribute to a healthier world.

Global Studies have shown the effects of traditional chemical farming on the environment. Undoubtedly, chemical fertilizers, insecticides, and herbicides increase a farm's production quantity. But at what cost? A 21-year Swiss study showed that organic farming yields an average of 20% less than conventional methods. But then, organically grown food contains less fertilizer and fewer pesticides.

You are in the supermarket and torn between these non-organic and organic labeled products. Both look fresh and great. However, organic products would cost you much higher than non-organic foods. Which would you buy?

About the guidelines of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), when we say organic foods, it pertains to any 100% organic meat, poultry, eggs, and dairy products that come from animals given no growth hormones and to all plants and vegetables produced without using synthetic chemicals such as pesticides, and fertilizers made with ionizing radiation or bioengineering.

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Top Foods to Eat Organic

1) Brown Rice - Rice is usually the host for many pests like rice blast, crayfish, and even rice water weevil. Massive pesticides are used to get rid of these pests. Eating non-organic brown rice means it contains more pesticides than white rice. The reason is in white rice, the husk, bran layer, and germ are removed, whereas only the husk is removed for brown rice.

2) Leafy Greens – More than 51 potent pesticides exist in the non-organic leafy greens. Some contaminated veggies are greens such as celery, spinach, and kale. Get organic veggies to consume the deadly pesticides.

3) Strawberries – Strawberries are one of the most contaminated fruits, usually detected with 59 residue pesticides like methyl bromide to eradicate fungus, weeds, and pests.

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Benefits of Eating Organic Food

Advocates of organic foods claim they contain more nutrition, like more vitamin C, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, and higher protein. Evidence shows that animals grown with organic feeds are much healthier than those raised and fed with conventional meals, the same with organic grown vegetable and fruit crops with no synthetic chemicals.

The chemical effects of non-organic foods, especially on children, have become alarming. The harmful toxins known as malathion and chlorpyrifos are widely used in agriculture and are considered damaging to children's neurological growth. Several pieces of research, using urine samples of children, are conducted to prove the negative effect of these chemicals on them. Parents should be more aware of this and take necessary actions to prevent any health problems their children might get from non-organic foods.

When we eat more organic food, we are essentially consuming more vegetables and green foods. By eating more vegetables, the pH of our blood would be more alkaline, and our body would function in an optimal condition. People with Standard American Diet are way too acidic, making our bodies more susceptible to cancer and illnesses.

When we are eating organic food, we are saving our Earth from further environmental damage. The number of pesticides farmers use is astronomical, and these chemicals will affect our land and water. When the chemicals are sprayed over time, the soil and the land would be severely damaged, and longer grow and produce. In the long run, the land would turn into desert.

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