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A computer cannot do a thing on its own. It must be instructed to do the desired work. Hence, it is necessary to create a sequence of instructions, which a computer must perform to solve an issue. Such a series of instructions, written in a language understood by a computer, is called a computer program or software.

Software is a common term used to describe any program or group of programs. The basic software includes

1. Application Software

2. System Software

3. Utility Software.

1. Application Software is programs employed by the user to complete some specific functions. Like, application software is a program for inventory control in the business. Few specimens of Application Software are: –

Word processors

/ Spreadsheets

/ Database management.

2. System Software has all programs, languages, and credentials supplied by the creator and the computer. These programs aid them in communicating with the computer and writing or developing their programs. This software makes the instrument easier to use and helps to make very efficient use of the hardware resources. Without this software, the user cannot develop his application software. System Software is written primarily for a particular type of computer. Hence it cannot be used, without any modifications, on different computers. The computer manufacturer usually supplies system software. System software includes:

Operating System

ii. Language Translators

iii. Programming Languages

iv. Editors

Utility programs

vi. Linkers

vii. Loader Programs

3. Utility software may be considered applications or systems software, which is often used in developing a program. For example, a program for evaluating a logarithm or the square root of a number may be required in developing some applications software. Utility programs must also transfer data from tape-to-tape, tape-to-disk, card-to-tape, or tape-to-printer.

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