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Today the computer occupies an integral part of our daily life. Also, their usage has increased many folds during the last decade. Nowadays, the computer is in every office, whether private or government. The laptop finds applications in fields like agriculture, designing, machinery making, Défense, and many more. Computers have revolutionized the whole world.

Components and Types of Computers

A primary computer consists of a CPU, monitor, mouse, and keyboard. Also, numerous other computer parts can be attached to it. These include a printer, laser pen, scanner, etc.

The computer is categorized into supercomputers, mainframes, personal computers (desktop), PDAs, laptops, etc. The mobile phone is also a kind of computer as it fulfils all the criteria of being a computer.

Uses of Computers in Various Fields

The application of computers is a necessity for almost every field for their operations. The computer has made working and sorting things easier. Here are some essential areas that use a computer in their daily process.

Medical Field

Computer aids in diagnosing diseases, running tests, and finding the cure for deadly diseases.


In the case of scientific research, space research, or any social research, computers are a great help. Space research helped to unravel the galaxies. At the same time, scientific research has enabled us to locate various valuable resources from the earth.


The defense system in any country is most important for the safety and security of its people. The application of computers in this field helps the country's security agencies to detect a threat. Above all, the defense department uses them to keep surveillance on the enemy.

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