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Children's clothing is rather casual than adult clothing, suited for play and rest. Gender-specific clothing for young children was rare throughout history for purely practical reasons. It includes the type of clothing as well as the color. In ancient times prenatal sex determination was available, white clothes were easier to clean, and all of them could be used for any baby.

The childhood stage is distinct from certain parameters in all societies, from initial stages to teens; societal expectations about children's abilities, limitations, and how they look are present at all stages of their development. In every period, clothing plays a crucial role in the "appearance" of the child. Some are

Early Children's Clothing

Children, irrespective of gender, shared styles and cuts in the early twentieth century. Both genders wore gowns, tunics, and robes during the sixteenth to the twentieth centuries.

Gowns for Women and Babies

Children's gowns were given additional accessories like waist belts as kids' fashion grew.

Most women, girls, and toddler boys wore garments made of lightweight fabrics like silk or cotton during the 1800s

Little Girls Dresses

While men's attires changed as they grew older in the nineteenth century, girls' dresses stayed relatively unchanged. Women's attire did not alter much in cut or stylistic detail, from their birth robes to the skirted outfits they wore their entire lives. The essential distinction between children's and women's fashion was that the dress length steadily increased, eventually reaching the floor by mid-adolescence.

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