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Every woman knows how important it is to smell good for herself and that particular person in her life. Looking for the right scent can be pretty daunting with all the available quality products.

How to Choose and Buy Perfume/fragrance

Fragrances are a blend of essential oils and aromas. The smell of perfume will vary slightly from woman to woman, as each person's skin chemistry and body heat will react slightly differently to a given scent, so each individual will have a different preference when choosing a perfume.

You may already enjoy choosing from various perfumes, selecting whichever best suits your mood on a given day. However, suppose you usually stick with one favorite fragrance and now want to change from your current brand to something similar, perhaps for a different occasion or to wear more frequently. In that case, you should choose a perfume with a fragrance from the same category or olfactive family as your current favorite one.

Women’s perfume fragrances can be classified into seven different olfactive families, as follows:

  • Aldehydic
  • Chypre
  • Citrus
  • Floral
  • Fougere
  • Oriental
  • Woody

When buying perfume, you will find that many brands have extended the line to include a wide range of cosmetics and toiletries.

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For men looking and smelling good can-do wonders for self-esteem and make a great impression on others.

How to Choose and Buy Aftershave and Men's Cologne

The first point to appreciate is the difference between men's cologne and aftershave. Aftershave is traditionally used to close the pores on the skin after a shave, cooling and smoothing the skin which has become sensitive by the shave.


Alcohol-based aftershave will close the pores and tend to have a severe effect. Men with dry skin or who avoid the stinging sensation when applying aftershave should use an aftershave balm that does not sting.

Alcohol-based aftershave provides a mild scent that quickly disappears as the alcohol evaporates, and aftershave balms tend to have an even lighter scent.

Men's Cologne

Traditionally, men's cologne is applied after the aftershave since this has a more potent and longer-lasting scent. If you are using aftershave and cologne, you should either ensure that they both come from the same range or choose an aftershave with a neutral odor.

Choosing a men's cologne is down to an individual's taste and personality. As a thumb rule, though, it's better to use a light, clean, fresh scented cologne for summer and daytime wear. For winter and evening wear, use a muskier or woody aromatic cologne.

Men's Eau de Toilette and Parfum

Men's aftershave ranges have now expanded to include eau de toilette or perfume versions of a fragrance. Eau de toilette is very popular and is more potent than cologne or aftershave, while perfume is the most concentrated scent, with more essential oils and less alcohol.

Eau de toilette and perfume will last longer than cologne or aftershave, so it may be more appropriate if you want to wear the scent all day and night.

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